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Back to BEING a Human BEING!

13 Mar 2024
Future Workplace Theatre
Sharon Olivero-Chapman, mother of 2 and Founder of Harrienna Health, is thrilled to be launching this innovative new company at The Corporate Wellbeing Expo in London’s ExCel Centre. With a lifelong dedication to the ever-evolving health and wellness industry, Sharon integrates her expertise to service the corporate world by delivering motivational talks in the workplace. Through previous personalised 1-1 programs, she has successfully guided and empowered individuals to remarkable health transformations, enabling many to discontinue medication and reverse illnesses. Sharon’s profound passion for inspiring others to self-heal and restore vitality is evident in her work. Sharon’s commitment to enhancing well-being and her impactful approach to health and prosperity, she is on her way to becoming a respected figure in the industry. “I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to help people help themselves and heal their bodies back to how human beings should be experiencing life on this planet”.
Sharon Olivero-Chapman - Harrienna Health

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