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Why Financial Wellness IS Your Best Investment

13 Mar 2024
Future Workplace Theatre
Can Financial Literacy Cut Employee Stress by 50%?
In this engaging and riveting seminar, Olga Miler, Multi-Award-Winning Innovator & Financial Literacy Expert, LinkedIn Top Voice in Finance and co-founder and CEO of SmartPurse, will delve into the critical link between financial literacy and corporate employee well-being.

Drawing from SmartPurse’s expertise in empowering thousands of individuals with financial knowledge, Olga will explore how enhancing financial literacy among employees can transform workplace culture, productivity, absenteeism, and overall well-being.

Attendees can expect eye-opening case studies, proprietary data sets, unique insights and strategies for implementing highly effective financial literacy programs within organisations, including innovative tools and technologies to train employees and the all-important do's and dont's!

Moreover, Olga will underscore the broader societal benefits of promoting financial literacy, including reduced staff turnover, increased employee satisfaction, and enhanced corporate reputation, helping you support employees on their financial well-being journey.

Join Olga and SmartPurse in this transformative discussion to pave the way for a healthier, happier, and more prosperous workforce.
Olga Miler - SmartPurse

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