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Agenda 2024

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Leading The Hard Way – Adapt, Survive and Win

14 Mar 2024
Keynote Theatre - Sponsored by Zoho
Billy grew up tough. Leaving school at eleven, the threat of borstal hanging over him, running with gangs, and almost being killed in a knife fight eventually led to Billy discovering the British armed forces at sixteen. It would be the making of him. After graduating from the Royal Marine cadets, he enlisted with the Parachute Regiment in 1983, where he would serve with distinction as a Patrol Commander and expert sniper. In 1991 he applied to join the SAS – and passed selection. He excelled in the SAS, undertaking classified and extremely dangerous missions, rising to the rank of Sergeant Major. From passing SAS selection through to leading Tier 1 operations, from protecting some of the most famous faces on the planet, through to SAS: Who Dare Wins. Billy’s presentations contain engaging stories, anecdotes and inspirational life lessons.
Billy Billingham MBE - Presenter - SAS Who Dares Wins