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Declan Doyle

Declan Doyle

HP I Poly

Flexibility has flourished - Optimising the changed dynamics of work

The changes in how we work has stabilised, with Workers and Business finding a mix that suits both. However, whether you’re Fully Flexible, Structured Flex, or Full Time Office, the right enabling technology is critical to making this world possible. From devices that move with employees to collaboration technology that brings remote and in-office colleagues together, all are critical to minimize friction and ensure employees can be productive. Join HP Poly to learn how we have enabled Work Next.

Speaker Bio:

Declan Doyle, a veteran of the Collaboration industry and lifelong evangelist of Smarter Working, has held numerous global, regional and Alliance positions across the UC industry. Now, as the Category Development lead for HP, Declan is helping to define the new story of Poly within the larger HP proposition for our customer, partners, and prospects. His Thought leadership, strategic vision and go to market experience helps to shape the plans and guidance to sales teams, refine our market strategies, and grow the value of HP’s and our partners offerings in the Hybrid world.


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