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The Dhanoa Sisters

The Dhanoa Sisters


The Future of Influential Leadership


Our seminar will discuss the power of Influential Leadership and the benefits for achieving future long-term success. Our talk will demonstrate how developing self-awareness, showing vulnerability and continuous learning is key to inspiring and motivating within the corporate world. Leaders of the future will need to communicate a compelling vision, instilling a sense of purpose and passion to their teams. We will also feature our ubwb Success Triad which includes our key components; Communication, Connection and Community which support in creating an impactful leader. 

Together we will explore existing challenges and trends in influential leadership and share how leaders can drive high performance and achieve extraordinary results within the company.

Speaker Bio:

The Dhanoa sisters are founders of ublossom.weblossom, a mindset and wellbeing consultancy based in London. Together they empower the wholesome gentleman to lead an enriched life full of gratitude, empathy and success!

The sisters believe:

‘Often what you can’t measure is more important than what you can measure.’

They champion Executive Leaders and Company Founders to feel re-energised, obtain clarity and create stronger relationships in all areas of their lives. Their main focus is to promote positivity, self-awareness and dedicate space for honest discussions. Their clients share transformational results in a short space of time and have since excelled in their business and personal lives.


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