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Jack Barmby

Jack Barmby


The Realities of AI & Automation: A Practical Implementation Guide

In this seminar we’ll explore the state of AI and automation in retail right now, and take a close look at why it fails to deliver on customer care objectives. We’ll expose the challenges the industry is facing in implementing successful AI and automation strategies and the risks it poses to the customer experience. 

Then, we’ll take a look at combatting those risks and challenges with a clear framework for successful implementation. We’ll cover five critical stages to delivering an automation and AI strategy that works. 

Speaker Bio:

Jack Barmby is the Founder and CEO of Gnatta, a software company that specializes in customer communication management. Jack is a seasoned entrepreneur and technology executive with years of experience in the software industry. He is passionate about customer communication, customer experience, and how technology can be used to improve both.

Gnatta's mission is to provide a solution for handling all customer communication channels in one place. As CEO, Jack leads the company's growth and strategy. He is committed to building a world-class team that can help businesses of all sizes achieve their customer communication goals.


- The state of AI in retail with real case studies of AI working, and *not* working 

- Exploring the issues - why is it so hard to use it well? 

- 5 clear steps to successful implementation of AI and automation