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Kane Simms

Kane Simms

Founder - VUX World

Cut through the bullsh*t and get to value: AI in the contact centre, done right 

There's so much hype surrounding AI right now that it's all white noise. One vendor says 'do this', the other recommends that. Every company these days is 'AI first': what does that even mean? And where do you start when exploring the value of AI for your business?

Whether you have AI solutions today or you're considering it for tomorrow, this talk will walk you through a proven framework to start and scale your AI automation efforts in a way that's aligned to your brand and customer goals. Join me to learn:

  • The strategies that really do deliver in handling high call volumes, improving efficiency, and lowering customer effort

  • The maturity framework that'll assist you in developing and scaling your AI transformation roadmap

  • The reality of where new-age AI Solutions like genAI and LLMs can safely and reliably be used

  • How to properly measure ROI from AI in your contact center that's beyond basic 'containment'

  • Case study proof that this stuff works from brands who've implemented it and seen success

Speaker Bio:

Kane Simms is a stand-out voice in the AI space. His content helps executives formulate the future of customer experience strategies and guides practitioners in designing, building and implementing revolutionary products and services built on emerging AI and NLP technologies. Through his media and events network, Kane has been educating practitioners in the successful design and development of AI systems for the previous 6 years, and his consulting practice has implemented successful AI initiatives across a wide variety of industries.