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Mark Vale

Mark Vale


How to make your telephony work with your XCaaS solutions.

When it comes to communications as a service, we are spoilt for choice. Do you choose Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google, RingCentral? The list goes on...

Making your decision on which platforms to adopt is hard enough without having to figure out how to connect & integrate your existing telecom service providers and telephony systems with them. 

We at Callroute believe you should have the freedom to choose whatever UCaaS, CCaaS, or VoIP you need based on your business requirements and not be limited by provider limitations or existing contractual obligations. 

With our global integrated calling solution, you can connect your existing service providers, calling platforms, contact centers, and UCaaS platforms together in 1 single unified calling solution. We understand that in many organizations there will be more than 1 calling solution. With Callroute, you can plug n' play your XCaaS and carriers making it easier for you to make strategic decisions without having to worry about compatibility.

In this session, Mark will talk through some of the most common problems customers have faced when trying to adopt modern cloud-based telecoms and how Callroute have helped them integrate these within their organization.

You'll learn how easy it can be to connect your existing telecom solutions to your UCaaS or CCaaS platforms for seamless cloud-net calling integration and carrier aggregation. 

Speaker Bio:

Mark is the Chief Product Officer at Callroute and responsible for product strategy and development. He has extensive experience in Microsoft UC. Prior to joining Callroute in 2022, Mark worked with organizations worldwide to understand their unified communication needs, design modern communication solutions, build, and migrate users onto Microsoft UC platforms like Microsoft Teams. He is also a keen contributor to the Microsoft community and is a 6-year Microsoft MVP.