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Matthew Tingate

Matthew Tingate

Experienced Knowledge Management Professional, KMS Lighthouse

How to measure the ROI of a knowledge management implementation

KMS Lighthouse will share details from the Total Economic Impact Report by Forrester on the cost savings and benefits from implementing knowledge management and the KMS Lighthouse solutions in particular. We will focus on both quantifiable and unquantifiable knowledge management benefits.

Speaker Bio:

Matthew Tingate is an experienced knowledge management professional focusing on the benefits to large enterprises. Matthew brings a wealth of insight across a number of industries including hospitality, telecommunications, insurance and automotives.

In his free time, Matthew is a super fan of Sunderland FC and heads to every game he can. He has a domestic pigeon called Mark and his favourite artist is Zayn Malik.

Seminar Timeslot:

Tuesday 21st March

2:00 - 2:30

Seminar Hall 1