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Nicky Chapman

Nicky Chapman

UK DPS Lead | Microsoft Teams Rooms & Devices - Microsoft

Alleviating Digital Debt with AI in the Hybrid Workplace

As hybrid work has become the new normal, our digital debt has grown significantly, and the return to the office has become less frequent. In this session, we will explore how the power of AI in both Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms can help alleviate digital debt and drive the worth it equation to return to the office. Join us to learn how AI can transform the way we work, enhance the hybrid work experience, and make the return to the office more compelling.

Speaker Bio:

Nicky Chapman is a Senior Partner Development Manager with over 20 years of experience in the AV/UC industry. As the leader of the Teams Rooms and Devices channel in the UK, Nicky focuses on partner management and driving the adoption of smart workplaces. With a deep understanding of Microsoft Teams Rooms, Nicky is dedicated to enhancing the hybrid work experience and driving the worth it equation to return to the office. Leading a UK channel of highly skilled integration partners, Nicky is committed to helping organizations achieve their full potential through the use of Microsoft’s cutting-edge technology.