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Olga Miler

Olga Miler


Why Financial Wellness IS Your Best Investment

Can Financial Literacy Cut Employee Stress by 50%? 

In this engaging and riveting seminar, Olga Miler, Multi-Award-Winning Innovator & Financial Literacy Expert, LinkedIn Top Voice in Finance and co-founder and CEO of SmartPurse, will delve into the critical link between financial literacy and corporate employee well-being. 

Drawing from SmartPurse’s expertise in empowering thousands of individuals with financial knowledge, Olga will explore how enhancing financial literacy among employees can transform workplace culture, productivity, absenteeism, and overall well-being. 

Attendees can expect eye-opening case studies, proprietary data sets, unique insights and strategies for implementing highly effective financial literacy programs within organisations, including innovative tools and technologies to train employees and the all-important do's and dont's!

Moreover, Olga will underscore the broader societal benefits of promoting financial literacy, including reduced staff turnover, increased employee satisfaction, and enhanced corporate reputation, helping you support employees on their financial well-being journey.

Join Olga and SmartPurse in this transformative discussion to pave the way for a healthier, happier, and more prosperous workforce.


Speaker Bio:

Multi-Award-Winning Innovator & Financial Literacy Expert, Entrepreneur and LinkedIn Top Voice in Finance 

Olga Miler is a global innovation and finance expert, specialising in financial education, digitisation, and growth. 

She has been recognised for her transformational achievements to change the financial services industry for women and gender equality with features in global press such as Sky News, BBC News, CNBC, the Financial Times, Bloomberg, The Guardian, Newsweek and won numerous awards including FemBizSwiss 2021 Communication, ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year 2019’ by CityWealth Magazine, a place on the Senior Leaders in Fintech Powerlist by Innovate Finance UK and the Top 100 Women in Switzerland by Women in Business. She is a LinkedIn Top Voice in Finance and a TEDx speaker.

Following her career at UBS she has co-founded her own start-up – SmartPurse ( –a pioneering financial wellbeing platform revolutionising financial planning and education for all. With her money talks Olga inspires thousands of people every year to embrace their finances with joy. Her Money Column on Watson News has already reached over 1.2 million readers in Switzerland. She also serves as board member at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women. Olga has two children and lives in Zürich and London. 




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