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Suzanne Brennan & Debbie Bicker

Suzanne Brennan & Debbie Bicker

SVL Business Solutions

Managing and Empowering a Hybrid Workforce

Join our seminar to delve into Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) for enhancing employee engagement and productivity in hybrid contact centres. 

Explore how WEM tools support collaboration, empower agents, and improve operational efficiency. 

Learn practical strategies for utilising WEM functionality like performance tracking and coaching to foster engagement and accountability. 

Discover how WEM solutions boost agent and customer satisfaction, staff retention, and success in hybrid work settings. 

Don't miss this chance to learn more about managing hybrid contact centre teams with WEM innovation.


Speaker Bio:

Debbie is a passionate advocate for cultivating enduring, trust-based relationships within the business landscape. Debbie plays an integral role at SVL, where she works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and goals. 

Her commitment to excellence is reflected in her efforts to share industry best practices Her insights into the evolving landscape of customer relations, workforce dynamics, and technology integration have earned her recognition as a trusted advisor and industry expert.

Suzanne specialises in optimising contact centre performance through innovative technology solutions. With expertise in Gartner Magic Quadrant CCaaS solutions, and Workforce Engagement Management tools, she drives transformational improvements in customer and agent experiences. 

Together, Suzanne and Debbie demonstrate SVL's commitment to innovation and client success through technology and WEM best practice.