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At CPS, our goal is to help you achieve more. As your partner of choice, we are dedicated to guiding you in maximising value from your investment in Microsoft technologies.

Through a blend of innovative business solutions delivered on Microsoft cloud technologies, support, and on-going insightful guidance, we aim to foster enduring relationships. Our focus extends beyond immediate solutions, envisioning a pathway for your future strategic outcomes.

By continuously investing in our Microsoft services portfolio and nurturing a culture of client satisfaction, we work to enhance your current capabilities and can prepare you for upcoming business and technology advancements.

Our commitment is to be at the forefront of delivering exceptional service, solidifying CPS’ position as the indispensable partner helping you harness the full potential of Microsoft technologies.


Copilot - How and Why Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council adopted Microsoft 

13th March – 13.30 – Kat Beedim - Head of Modern Work at CPS

14th March – 11.30 Kat Beedim- Head of Modern Work at CPS and Ian Faulkner – Service Delivery Manager at Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

How Microsoft Copilot can transform your day 
Learn how Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council’s rapid adoption of Microsoft Copilot is transforming employee productivity.  
On Thursday 14th March join the Ian Faulkner from Barnsley MBC, Stephen Barret from Microsoft & Kat Beedim from CPS as they discuss how and why they chose to move ahead with Microsoft Copilot. You’ll gain insights in to the lessons learned so far and how the project is progressing. This is a great opportunity to see inside an epoch moment. 


Viva / EXP -Asynchronous working – reframing work to make you successful

March 14th – 10.30 – Gabi Talbot Lead Agile Delivery Manager – HR & Workplace, Infrastructure & Security at Costa and Simon Locke is Global Technology Director for Enterprise Services at Costa Coffee and Nichola Carty – Head of Sales, Commercial at CPS


How Costa make the most of their workday and achieve their goals 
Come to this session to learn about Costa's ambitions to be a global challenger in the coffee market and how technology is enabling us to be a globally connected team while harnessing the power of our talented workforce. There will be the opportunity to ask questions. 

Gabi Talbot (Lead Agile Delivery Manager) & Simon Locke (Global Technology Director for Enterprise Services) at Costa Coffee and Nichola Carty from CPS will provide an insightful and enjoyable session about the changes that Costa made to their employee’s experience over the past couple of years. This will include how they used Microsoft technologies to support new and improved ways of working including Microsoft Viva, SharePoint Online Intranet and Teams. 
Gabi Talbot is a Lead Agile Delivery Manager in Costa Coffee’s Global Technology, Digital & Data function where she focusses on delivering change for the People, Infrastructure & Security teams and drives agile ways of working. With a background in foreign languages, a career in technology happened more by accident than design but now with ten years of experience as a Woman in Tech, she is passionate about helping others to reach their potential and explore the opportunities the industry can offer for those from all walks of life.     


Simon Locke is Global Technology Director for Enterprise Services at Costa Coffee where he is focused on delivering technology-enabled business transformation and change. Simon is an experienced technology leader, having run large teams and delivered successful transformation programmes and organisational change across a variety of sectors, including Financial Services, Retail and Legal. Simon has passion for continual improvement and enhancing the experience for colleagues, customers and consumers whilst providing great opportunities for talent to thrive. 

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Compliance - Yawn! Compliance schmiance… Your path to compliant compliance

13th March – 15.30 – Kat Beedim - Head of Modern Work at CPS

How can Microsoft help you improve and protect your data in the hybrid era 
Compliance schmiance! Discover how Microsoft’s security & compliance suite can help you improve your data compliance position, protecting employees and customers. 
In this session, you’ll understand the often-overlooked yet critical world of compliance in SharePoint Online and Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Purview. 

While compliance may seem like a mundane aspect of business operations, it stands as a cornerstone in the structure of your Security, Compliance, and Identity posture. We'll explore how Microsoft 365, alongside SharePoint Online and Microsoft Purview, provides robust tools to ensure that your organisation meets and excels in industry standards and legal requirements.  

The session will highlight how these tools integrate into your daily operations, transforming compliance from a cumbersome obligation into a streamlined, secure, and efficient process. By understanding and using Purview features, your organisation can safeguard its data, maintain trust with clients and stakeholders, and navigate the complex landscape of regulations with ease and confidence. 


BizApps - Get serious with Microsoft Power Platform in 2024 and achieve more

13th March – 10.30 - Jack Binnall, Head of Business Applications at CPS

14th March – 13.30 - Jack Binnall, Head of Business Applications at CPS

The future of your business applications is the Microsoft Power Platform 
You may have heard about Citizen developers, and the Power Platform, come along and understand how together they can transform collaboration and productivity in your organisation. 
Jack Binnall, CPS’ Head of Business Applications, will explore the Power Platform through some of CPS’ customers’ ambitious digital transformation journeys. 

Jack will highlight the benefits of a strategic adoption of Microsoft Power Platform to deliver efficient and cost-effective digital solutions. He will outline collaborative ways of working with customers, showcasing innovative applications that have transformed their operational processes. 

Key benefits discussed will include application consolidation, significant cost savings and improved employee experiences, all contributing to progressive digital transformations. 

Incorporate testimonials, insights from key project stakeholders, and visual demonstrations of the applications developed. Attending will provide a comprehensive understanding of the challenges, solutions, and outcomes, making this session a valuable resource for understanding and replicating similar digital transformation initiatives. 


Teams - What more do you need to know about Teams – so much more!

13th March – 11.30 – Christopher Pond – CTO at CPS

14th March – 14.30 - Kat Beedim - Head of Modern Work at CPS

What more can you achieve with Microsoft Teams 
Explore the new capabilities in Microsoft Teams Premium and understand how Copilot can improve collaboration, reduce meeting fatigue, and deliver a single voice solution. 
This session unveils the transformative potential of Microsoft Teams Premium and Teams with Copilot, heralding a new era in collaborative and intelligent work environments.  

Teams Premium builds upon the familiar Teams experience, introducing features for more personalised, intelligent, and secure meetings. It includes AI-powered meetings with intelligent recaps, generating automatic meeting notes and highlighting key tasks, ensuring that critical information is captured even if participants miss the meeting.  

On the other hand, Microsoft Copilot, leveraging Microsoft's investment in OpenAI, functions as a versatile personal assistant. It integrates Teams, enhancing productivity, automating tasks, and improving communication. Copilot in Teams can summarise meetings that are in session, generate action points, and provide sentiment analysis.  

This session is designed to highlight how these advanced tools from Microsoft streamline ways of working and foster a more connected, efficient, and secure collaborative environment. 


Project - You can achieve more with Collaborative Work Management

13th March – 14.30 – Lester Lovelock - Head of Modern Work Management at CPS

14th March – 12.30 – Lester Lovelock - Head of Modern Work Management at CPS

How Microsoft can help you manage your increasing workload 
Understand how Microsoft’s Collaborative Work Management solutions can help you and your teams organise, collaborate and achieve more.   
Collaborative Work Management can help you and your teams deliver successful project outcomes. This session explores how Microsoft 365, with its comprehensive suite of tools including Planner, Project for the web (soon to be rebranded as Planner Premium), and Project Online, provides best-in-class collaborative project management capabilities. 

Lester Lovelock, CPS’ Head of Modern Work Management, will delve into how these capabilities enable project centric collaboration, allowing teams to stay organised, aligned, and focused on achieving their goals. Whether it's through simple task management in Planner, advanced project management in Planner Premium, or robust project planning and resource management in Project Online, Microsoft 365 empowers teams to work together more effectively than ever before. 

Harnessing these tools enables you to elevate your project management capabilities, ensuring that every team member is a part of the success story. 



How Power Platform can transform your every-day ways of working 

13th March – 12.30 – Christopher Pond- CTO at CPS

Learn how London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust (LNW) revolutionised business management processes using the Microsoft Power Platform.   

Christopher Pond, CPS’ CTO will take you through the process of how LNW moved from relying on hundreds of Word and Excel documents to a single, unified platform built with Microsoft Power Apps and Power BI, resulting in significant efficiency gains and real-time insight.